“Kiteival is a perfect mix of kiting and fun. It’s really rare to be able to get to a place and have locals show you all their secret spots in an action packed week of riding, food and parties. Really – it’s an event that shouldn’t be missed!”

Stages 2015

From 26.07.15 to 04.08.15 :

Stages down winders – kite safaris for kiteival


26th July 2015

On 26th check in at the Tamassa (Lux Bel Ombre) for the main briefing at 19.00Hrs.
Followed by dinner at hotel and party at hotel’s Night Club


27th July 2015

On 27.07.2015  Bel Ombre to Le Morne:


Pte d’Esny to Mahebourg


Palmar to  Poste La Fayette


Roches Noires to Cap Malheureux


Kiteival’s Competition which will take place at Anse la Raie Spot

  • Free style
  • Race
  • Wave


Prize Giving for the different winners of the above events on Saturday night after this fantastic week and week-end of Kite Surf!

Even if the Preliminary Programme is established, it is important to note that stage dates and planning of the week (Planning of Kiteival’s Week) can be adjusted according to local coastal weather forecast and conditions. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee reserves the right, without notice, to re-format the event, change the dates and/or cancel stages according to weather conditions, for security reasons, or any other matters arriving beyond its control. The final planning will be communicated to all participants at time of briefing and final registration on the. Riding conditions may vary on the different coasts according to anticyclone’s position which will influence wind direction and strength. Kiteival’s Organizing Committee wants to take full advantage of the weather conditions in order to offer perfect conditions to participants during the different stages.

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